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Nested Circles Template Set

  Hooray! A set of circles in the sizes you need and they’re nested, which allows you to stitch out perfectly spaced double spines. What more could you ask for?

The small template stitches out a 4 inch circle. The medium template stitches at 3 inches inside the template and 6 ½ inches outside the template. The large template stitches out at 5 ½ inches inside the template and 9 inches outside.  (finished circle sizes assume that you are using a ½ inch wide hopping foot)

Templates are laser cut for precision and have crosshair markings that allow you to effortlessly center your template within the quilt block. The two larger templates have slits that allow you to gently open the ring and slip it around your hopping foot, which will enable you to stitch inside the template.

 Templates are shipped with a white plastic film coating to protect against scratching during transit. These photographs show the templates with this film in place so that you can more easily see the template.

Why would you want to buy nested circles rather than solid circles? Because nested circles will allow you to more easily stitch out double spined designs. Don't know what a double spined design looks like? Here's an idea for you:

Compressed double spines 



Retail Price : $40.00